Monday, April 11, 2011

Brutal Magneto by yO Raid

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MothFight - Long Way From Home from James Ravelle on Vimeo.

Spiral by Carlos 1111
Hyaena Fierling Reich - Gaia by hxfxr

Pathline #1 from Franz Rosati on Vimeo.

Vertu - I†† (INCANTATION II) Available on Compact Disc! by PALE NOIR

I Told You So by Morals (Deluxe Edition)

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Sad Songs by djozr

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Iss, was gar ist. Trink, was klar ist. by XAMBUCA
Mechanoflora - lights out by mechanoflora
Apt # 9 by Scrap Matter

innumerable tiny lights by djozr

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terres australes by pregnant spore
over my over my by Jeff Crouch

d'Zoid - Asymptote

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Le vampire from Thierry Coduys on Vimeo.

I Call It Love by The Carbon Manual

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Noise Signal

Pretty In Pink by EmmaLee Crane

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Ion - In the Royal Garden from Aggeliki Vrettou on Vimeo.

Cosmic Dust - Carlos Ramirez

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Mono-Drone - All Inclusive

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Genetic Trance Net Label

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The Beautiful Dreamers Net Label

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themes for group action by djozr

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Sighellucinations by T.S.O.C.

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Old Tape by Glassadato

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Ion Banc by Iaerian

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CAMILLE by Luma Junger

Kompilation Kompendium by Acoustik Timbre Frekuency

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SILENT COT by Gur Bruo

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Convoid Loop Pack Archive Two
Royal Order by Eddie Entropy

Monday, April 4, 2011

3 Volume compilation from suRRism Phonoethics – free download

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The Finer Points of Sadism on Soundcloud
R E P T O I D by ZΘN
Dream Mask on Soundcloud

My Discipline - Electronic Recordings by Jeremy Gluck

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Psychophony 425 - Deep In The Mine
Human Beard on Bandcamp
Sun-Inside_MIX_Travel Network
Infinite Monkey Orchestra

Nastri da Trasmettere (Hobo Cult, 2010) by thetlvmth

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atrocity / like ghosts by djozr

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Noise Research - Four

Shevchenko like Crusoe by Trianov

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hedphonz ambient
HEAD MOLT-Energy Transformation Or Mind Destruction by rat-ward
Satan in my brain by apocalyptic frequency exp

Analog War II by Analog White People from Matemito Braun on Vimeo.

Shadow Attack on Soundcloud
Electronic Musik Sampler

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Birdy Tronic by DreamKorp

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Wounds of the Earth Compilation III (Part 2)

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Steinfeld on Bandcamp

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Format Stoned & Droned remix by Jazznoise

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Dark Matters by Kύκλωψ
vitamin f by pregnant spore

Los dibujantes de las lineas de nazca

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Kaval - Sky of Mirrors

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Glossy Eyes Vol. 1 by Bad Drone Media

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Blood Into Water - Our World Is Run By Demons

20 JazzFunk Greats Podcast

St. Pete Beat - Live Session #8 - Young Egypt from Ryan Zarra on Vimeo.

Rolna - Hiding Place (unreleased ambient) by contactrolna
Grassadato Harsh Noise

Joy Divrevision: Matt Ellis Remixes

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Div Joyvision by Jeremy Gluck and Michael Dent

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Monday, March 28, 2011

cross-field by (brain)
Wishing Well by Carlos 1111
Latest tracks by Preservation

Metis Yeti

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Dave Fuglewicz

Speck of Blue by Hollace M Metzger & Jean Montag

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Pickpack Music Label
Nothing is by Sighell
Into Infinity Infinite Loops Project
Robotomy by Siggy Mantis
Sound of Shiant by Isolde & Isobelle
virus sex by pregnant spore
Latest tracks by Shadow Attack
Electronic Musik Sampler

Richard Knight and Noise Research - Unified Theory

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Two by mechanoflora
Ambient Fabric & The Merricks - Soundscapes

Arendal Song by A Quiet Norway and Ambient Fabric

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Tree Noise by Color

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PHATMOONDUB by Dog Bully Dubstars

The Fire Walker by Euhedral

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Apocalyptic Experience Tumblr
Electronic Musik Label Online
The Story of Kim Sang Hee by Jamison Williams

PHELIOS live 01.01.2011 from John Ogdon on Vimeo.

Florida is so Noisey(WCKBBMGDJT) by DJ Hollow Life

The Coming of the Strophariad by Jones and the Functional Endocrine Band

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Latest tracks by ohbears
Radio Electronics
kqwiet / brain - Drowned, Buried, Bruised (excerpt) by (brain)
heavy suite en La by HEAVY METAL BRUT

La Orquesta Mundana

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A Quiet Norway - Live!
Cello improv with Digital Delay (excerpt 2003) by Jon Silpyamanant
DZ-015 by Harelip
In The Time of Exploding Heads by TheFinerPointsOfSadism

l'échelle de Mohs by Masadalem
e#22eRgs5 by TheParanoid
module 8 by (brain)
Latest tracks by jthelonious
Tapedeck by Sharlyn Evertsz
Latest tracks by Mold Omen

WAMPO aka The Barking Tuna (SSS

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The Pangaea Project Blog

Reading Rainbows by Let's Fight

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The Thing Behind by Bryce Eiman
Children's Songbook by Jamison Williams
Children's Songbook by Jamison Williams
All of Nothing (Mk.2) by (brain)
Latest tracks by Sighell
Tea Serpent by Siggy Mantis
untitled 7 featuring Ed Wilcox,Eric Lopez,Xela Zaid by xela zaid